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Energy Audit Services

Energy is audit is a very important step in bench marking existing consumption and loads that will help in suggesting best possible solutions, Cost of change, Saving potential in terms of energy usage and energy costs, Payback and ROI.

We measure the existing loads and their efficiency to create a bench mark and also to understand requirements.  Based on the study we suggest efficient alternatives and assess the extant of saving possible, estimate the cost of change, payback period and return on investment. All the data is presented in a single page, easy to understand report to help you understand the projections and take decision on investment. Our reports will also help you in monitoring and evaluating  the results post project.

We employ qualified and certified energy auditors with necessary measuring equipment for analysis of internal power circuit . 

Energy Efficient Products

We do not stop with mere suggestions but support the whole process of change by supply of super efficient technologies and products that can actually reduce the energy foot print. The common guidelines we apply in selection of a technology or a product is based on their Efficacy, Quality, Cost and support with extended  warranties to cover the payback period. All the solutions offered by us has a payback period of maximum 3 years or a ROI >30%. We ensure that the products work till they earn back the investment made in them, so that your investment are secured without any risk. 

The most important loads that are commonly used in the domestic and commercial sector are lights and ceiling fans. Together they constitute almost 35-90% of consumption in urban and rural areas. It is possible to reduce power consumed in the usage of ceiling fans and lights by 50-80% with the available solutions.

 BLDC  (Brush Less DC) fans are the latest innovation in ceiling and exhaust fans that have been fairly unchanged in technology since its invention 175 years ago.Ceiling and Exhaust fans based on this new technology can reduce your power consumption by 55-90% and offer many other benefits at the same time.  

 Simple change or retrofitting the existing florescent tube lights or other lamps with LED can reduce power consumption by 57%. By innovative fixture selection, controls and task based design it is possible to further reduce consumption by up to 85%.

Using Motion Sensors based on Infrared or microwave can further increase saving by reducing wastage of energy used when it is not required.

 These technologies are highly reliable with long life span that can reduce your recurring maintenance bills. Efficiency and heat are inversely proportional and increased efficiency will also reduce the heat generated in your rooms to improve comfort and also reduce your AC load and consumption. As per international studies every 3 watts saved in lighting and fans can reduce Air conditioner consumption by 1 watt.

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