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Reckon with green and innovative technologies to regain nature



Efficiency First! To promote energy efficiency as a solution to address climate change and create sustainable future.


To conceive, design, develop, identify, collaborate and promote technologies, processes and products that improve efficient use of energy and resources.


Reckon Green Innovations is formed to act as a platform, where all energy/ resource efficient technologies, products and services are made available to improve efficiency and effective use of energy and resources in operations for individuals, institutions and governments.

There is a great urgency and need among governments world over, organizations and citizens to reduce use of energy and energy costs. Use of Renewable energy sources has become a must for environmental and long term energy security. These solutions are very expensive  with large upfront costs. Reducing demand is the right strategy to be adopted before treading the path towards energy independence. Most Energy Efficient products and technologies are 70% cheaper than renewable energy projects. Our experience shows that efficiency improvement comes free and further save 30-40% of capital required for power projects, if reduction in demand is addressed first.

We constantly develop and search for efficient alternatives and solutions to MAXIMIZE savings through improved efficiency and reduce the energy foot print in buildings, to pave the way towards renewable sources of energy at minimal cost.

Reckon Green Innovations offers simple and effective solutions like LED Lighting, Super-efficient ceiling fans, Exhaust fans, energy savers for air conditioners and Sensor controls to achieve the efficiency goals. We have consistently achieved 60% combined reduction in power consumption among fans and lights and 20-60% in total consumption.

We also engage in designing and developing customized solutions based on the operations and industry by way of system design, integration and controls to maximize efficiency and reduce wastage.

The result of such efforts is our patent applied LED Tube Light with Plug-in-Driver and 2-way power. A product that offers high performance, 400% longevity, flexibility, and ease of maintenance. A product with life time service.